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Welcome to Video Game Rebirth, the site dedicated to the preservation and celebration of home console video games. Providing a personalized game catalog and an active online community, VGR acts as a nexus for all gamers who appreciate the undying value and relevance of consoles from the past, as well as the collectability of gaming in the present.

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RevQuixoNot quite dead...
2011.06.13 23:50 GMT :: RevQuixo
So the site hasn't had a lot of activity in the last year...I'll make no excuses for it, a lot of that has to do with the fact that I'm now a dad and that eats up a lot of free time.

The good news is that VGR isn't going anywhere and that new functionality (if everything proceeds as planned) will be brought to the site in the next 6-8 months or so.

The bad news is that while we are transitioning to a new host, the site will be in read only mode. This means nothing new will be added and new members won't be able to log in.

So thanks for your patience and understanding...see you on the other side!
RevQuixo50,000 Profiles!!!
2009.07.05 18:07 GMT :: RevQuixo
Well, it's official, VGR has just hit 50,000 individual game profiles. I'd like to thank all Staff past & present as well as all contributors to the site for all of the support over the years.

VGR has always been a labor of love for me and I'm extremely pleased that seven years after we launched, that the site is still going strong. I hope in the next few months to be able to roll out new content and upgrades to the site with the help of a few friends who have graciously offered their services to the site. Until then, it's business as usual with adding games, fixing mistakes, and making VGR into the largest console & portable video game database on the internet.

See you at 100,000 !

RevQuixoStaff and email
2009.05.03 03:05 GMT :: RevQuixo
Just an FYI to staff here at VGR: Please send me an email or a PM if you are having troubles with your VGR email addresses.
RevQuixoNew Host, faster website
2009.04.27 13:42 GMT :: RevQuixo
Hopefully you'll notice that VGR is a little peppier. We have a new host and they seem to have their act together.

A couple of things of note, the barcode generator is currently offline..barcode numbers are still there, but with no picture barcode. Also, our image upload tool isn't working for staff, so new profiles might be pictureless until we get it up and running.

Otherwise we are done with our fiddling. Please proceed with adding games to your lists, submitting new info, etc. We aren't changing or restoring anything else.

RevQuixoEmails working again!
2009.04.23 07:15 GMT :: RevQuixo
Resume your registering and other general tomfoolery.

If you registered before right now, drop me a line and we can sort out your existing userid.

RevQuixoVGR emails not working
2009.04.21 00:16 GMT :: RevQuixo
If you currently try to register for the site (or change your email address), an email is *supposed* to be sent confirming your information. These emails are not going out.

If you lock yourself out of VGR or if you are newly registered and don't hear from me via email, please drop me a line and I'll get you sorted out.

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